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KIDS AND TEENS NEED Personal Development Through Martial Arts Now More Than Ever! Why? Well… I Think We Can Agree The Challenges They Face On A Daily Basis Warrants The Necessity Of Improved Self Confidence, Improved Communication Skills, Self Control, Self Discipline And Most Definitely, Self Defense!

Building Unstoppable Kids With Unstoppable Futures! 

Kids are involved in tons of choices, activities and sports these days. Shall we mention the daily overload of video games, cell phones and computers as well? Well, let’s be honest; as great as these activities can be in their lives DOES it help them feel empowered when that BULLY on the playground, in the classroom, in the locker room or on social media pushes them around mentally, emotionally or even physically? Kids NEED professional, safe, effective personal development through EFFECTIVE martial art programs. None of this mickey-mouse-run-of-the-mill-stuff parents are given as options for martial arts. Yes, all martial arts have the ability to provide overwhelming value BUT all martial arts AREN’T created equal!

A Message From Our Head Instructor

Dear Family, 

My name is Tirrell, Founder & Head Instructor at United Source Muay Thai. I started out in martial arts like so many of you. I was the kid who watched Bruce Lee and other Kung Fu movies and then practice moves I saw in the front yard with my neighborhood friends. I would read Bruce Lee books, Karate magazines; look at the pictures and plead with my folks to let me learn “karate”. Well... I got my wish. The local Karate school program.

Why Our Kids Martial Arts Program In Kirkland, WA? 

It’s simple. We offer an authentic, effective and practical martial art (Thai Boxing) program for Kids and Teens. Kicking, elbowing, kneeing, punching and grappling are at the core of our program but it’s definitely not the only focus. We guide our martial art program by instilling and reinforcing on-the-mat value orientation with off-the-mat values (home values). Muay Thai Kickboxing - Thai Boxing for kids is a blast. An equalizer. A martial art program holding them accountable to working toward EARNED achievement, short and long-term success. Working toward true self worth, self value and LEADERSHIP QUALITIES that all caring and loving parents desire for their kids. 

Thai Boxing for kids is not an MMA program. In fact, did you know Muay Thai has well over a 1500-year battlefield proven history, cultural tradition and sport competition in Southeast Asia!

Lifelong Values For A Changing World

When people think of martial art the first thought or vision that tends to come to mind is something physical…hitting something or possibly someone for that matter. Well, not here. Martial art is LIFE ART at our Muay Thai school. Core values and expectations such as self discipline, respect, accountability, responsibility, honesty, integrity, academic excellence, martial art excellence, on and on help keep us focused in our pursuit of excellence. Yes, we can talk about the much over-hyped but very REAL issues with bullying and other social challenges kids face. The values and philosophy we practice is another dose of home value support while your child is banging away having a blast kicking and punching!  

Martial Art, An Excellent Sport Activity

If I had my way, Martial Art would be the primary activity of all kids able and willing. As much as some would possibly like their kid to become the next sports star on ESPN… the reality is … it’s few, far, and less than in between that make it to that level. That’s what makes martial art so cool… they don’t have to be the next ESPN superstar. They don’t have to be selected on the AAU league teams to feel valued, exceptional and proud of their accomplishments. They don’t have to sit on the bench or sidelines. Martial art, Muay Thai Kickboxing is an individual experience in a team based environment. Every merit earned is earned through consistency, practice, great effort, hard work and parental support. In fact, many of our kids participate in other sports while maintaining their martial arts schedule if even on a reduced level during that sport’s season. The athleticism, coordination, speed, strength, flexibility, mental toughness, stamina and enhanced dexterity gained through martial art training will undoubtedly benefit other activities.

Self Confidence Through Self Defense

Full disclosure here… “bully proof” approaches and conflict resolution protocols are sometimes more substantive in theory than practicality. Kids NEED toughening and the confidence gained therein. We are qualified to speak on bully proof programs because we have delivered them in elementary schools for several years. But here is the fact, in our experience the greatest bully proofing is SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF EMPOWERMENT. Muay Thai Kickboxing builds its practitioners up from A to Z. Words of power and resolution are a tremendous necessity BUT fists of fire are equally effective when necessary. Our goal is NEVER to encourage or promote fighting but we will always do our best to ensure our kids are fully equipped mentally, emotionally and physically to stand up for themselves. 

Six Additional Enrollment Benefits  

1. REWARD SYSTEM… Our reward system improves self-esteem, focus and determination. We believe every child has a Black Belt waiting with their name on it and it is our pleasure and privilege to help them earn it!

2. CLASS STRUCTURE… Our class structure teaches children self-discipline, courtesy, effort, teamwork, respect and individual achievement.

3. EDUCATION BASED ACTIVITY…Our classes help channel aggression and high energy levels in a fun, safe, challenging and engaging format. Childhood obesity rates are climbing, and more and more children are spending too much time in front of televisions, video games, smart phones and other technology. Balance of focus and attention is the key ingredient  

4. CONFIDENCE… Our classes improve your child’s assertiveness, communication and self-confidence.

5. SELF DEFENSE & FITNESS… Our program balances the need for a fun exercise based activity while teaching them practical, personal responsibility, intelligent avoidance and VERY NECESSARY effective self-defense skills in today’s world at school, in the neighborhood or on the playground. Attending martial art classes benefits kids affected by bullying whether they are the bully or the bullied. Placing emphasis on self-respect, respecting others and understanding personal power are great assets to empower our youth.

6. YEAR-AROUND ACTIVITY… Most sport or club activities are seasonal. Martial art training is year-around. In fact it can be life long for those who take their training to the next level. Parents are challenged with multiple activities, work, home & family life on a daily basis. We understand the desire to involve children in as many activities as possible. In fact, we understand children change their minds and interests. However, we also understand that setting your child on the journey to Black Belt creates a singular focus of achievement that you can count on, plan for and manage. 

“A lot of parents might be apprehensive about Muay Thai for their kids, I know I was. But the youth class at United Source Muay Thai is a far cry from the populist image of Muay Thai as a component of MMA style fighting. There is a real feeling of family that is fostered here. The twice-weekly sessions are a great outlet of physical energy for my two boys (ages 6 and 7) and they get a comprehensive workout. Each class, Khun Kru Tirrell prepares something different for warm ups, conditioning or progressive learning of Muay Thai moves and combos. There is some sparring between the children but it is gentle and meant to practice moves with an opponent rather than as an aggressive exercise. Khun Kru Tirrell is really fantastic with the kids. He is very relatable to to them and is a great role model figure. His classes are relevant to learning good skills in all parts of life including respect, focus, confidence, healthy living, not giving up and importance of education. Not only that but the kids are having FUN, too! As soon as a toddler class is offered, my 2-year-old daughter will be there! I am really happy to have found this school and to have Khun Kru Tirrell as a part of my kids' support system. Come with your child to the free intro class and find out for yourself why United Source Muay Thai is the best! ;) “ – Cinsy D. 

Procrastination Is Stagnation… Set Your Appointment TODAY!  

Give us a call TODAY at (425) 823-4415 to KICKSTART YOUR CHILD'S INTRODUCTORY TRIAL PROGRAM‍‍‍. No gimmicks. No tricky print. Just an appointment to Meet with our Team, Tour Our School, Conduct Our Kids Pre-Class Evaluation, discuss a program that works best for your schedule AND get your child's personal development through martial arts kickstarted today. Make sure you fill out our contact form on this page so we can get you set up. Can’t wait to hear from you!

No Risk. No Gimmicks. We are among the few who dare to stand on integrity, member-value, passion, authenticity, behind who we are, what we say and a track record of contributing to the lives‍‍‍ of future leaders! Again, YOU HAVE so much more to gain by FILLING OUT  the CONTACT FORM at the top of the pageand taking action today‍‍. We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

What Parents Are Saying About Us

{Confession here…} That experience lasted as long as it took to earn my orange belt and the sensation of QUITTING won out after much whining to my parents. Still don’t know why I quit to this day. Really no reason other than being off to the next phase that captured my attention. Too many to name at this moment. Moving on… well, what did I learn from my awesome orange belt rendezvous? I would later come to understand I wish I had never quit. I would come to learn I wish my parents would have held me more accountable to continuing my participation in martial art. Especially understanding less than 20 percent who start actually graduate. So as I got older the martial art bug NEVER left my body or interest. Once I got back on the saddle of learning it was full on, relentless commitment. The life experiences, successes, camaraderie, personal & professional accreditations, on and on never ceases to amaze me. That one day… the very thing I quit would become my lifelong pursuit, genuine passion and privilege to share with countless students, kids to adults.

In closing, there is no greater privilege than to contribute to the positive development of kids through our martial art and leadership program. I can assure you registering your child for our KICKSTART TRIAL PROGRAM is a decision that will reap incredible benefits as you see the power of martial art work in your child’s life, ability and self confidence.

Onward toward‍‍‍ a brighter future through building capable and confident kids,

Tirrell Kamara‍‍‍

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