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About United Source Muay Thai

Welcome to United Source Muay Thai! Our martial arts academy was established in 2005 in Kirkland, WA serving Greater Seattle areas such as Bellevue, Redmond, Rose Hill, Juanita Beach, Woodinville, Bothell and Everett.  

We were originally founded in Renton, WA in 2002. Since moving to the eastside we have maintained a single-minded purpose of providing the ABSOLUTE best professional, safe, fun Thai Boxing and Western Boxing education available. 

United Source refers to a vision of community, individuals and families brought together for a “common purpose”, “connected" by the pursuit of personal development, fun, health, self confidence and self defense through the source(s) of knowledge that authenticates and guides our school, martial art lineage and history. 

We pride ourselves in providing a structured, systematic and progressive curriculum designed for beginners to advanced students.  Thai Boxing is a well established art, ring sport, culture and history with well over a 1500 year existence. That being said, you or your child will learn Muay Thai and be immersed in the rich tradition of an incredibly effective, practical and fun ring sport / art.  

Our pursuit is a pursuit of excellence. Excellence will always vary based upon the individual and time they are willing to put in to become their best. However, our vision remains the same… ‘to improve lives one kick and punch at a time’. See you on the mat!